Monday, February 16, 2015

JDebug - A Java Debugging plugin for Sublime Text

Debugging is a painful art. The programmers(coders) know about it. Even perfectly written code may misbehave sometimes and it is difficult to identify the piece of code causing the issue just by log statements. So the only possible way to identify the issue is to do step by step debugging of the code dynamically. There are so many debugging tools available for Java, some are standalone and few are integrated within the IDE like Eclipse. In this article, I will show you how to debug java codes remotely using JDebug in Sublime Text.

Setting up Sublime Text

JDebug plugin can be installed using Package Control or manually. I will show you how to install JDebug plugin using Package Control. If you haven’t install the Package Control, you can install packages by installing package control.
Once you have the package control installed, you should start Sublime Text. Open up the command palette from the Preferences --> Package Control menu and search for “Install Package”.

Now you can search for any package you like. In our case, we are going to search for the package “JDebug”.

Setting up JDebug

Setting up JDebug is very simple as it has only few settings to start with. You can copy and paste the default settings into user settings and update the following settings based on your environment.

  • workingdir -     You need to set your current project directory like c:/worksapce/TestService (Windows) or /home/user/abc/workspace/TestService (Linux or Ubuntu)
  • commandline -     Set the jdb command with arguments. If JDK/bin is not in your environment PATH then you need to specify full path to the jdb command. Also change the hostname and port in which the java application service is running and listening.
  • sourcepath -     The path to the source file with in the project. For ant project it usually /src/ and for maven usually /src/main/java.


Ready to set the breakpoint?. Breakpoints are the way to inform the jvm to halt the execution at a particular point (line number or method in a class). When the execution halts, the application variables can be inspected.
Add a breakpoint using 'Toggle Breakpoint' menu option from context menu. Context menu can be accessible using right click. A circle icon will be placed on the line number gutter when a breakpoint is added

When the jvm hits the breakpoint during the execution, the gutter icon will be changed to 'pointer' to indicate that the breakpoint is hit.

Watch Expressions

Expressions can be evaluated using the 'Add Expression' context menu. You can enter any valid expression to evaluate.

Enter the Expression

JDebug Variables

It is interesting to watch the variables in the 'JDebug Variables' window. If a variable is complex object it will be displayed with '+' icon on gutter. These variables can be expanded further to get the additional details using 'Expand' context menu. The 'Expand' context menu will be enabled only in 'JDebug' variables window.

How to Continue?

The application execution can be continued using one of the following menu options
  • Step Over Continue execution to next line
  • Step Into Continue the execution into a method call
  • Step Out Step out of the current method and continue
  • Continue Continue to next breakpoint or till completion


  1. This is awesome. As always great work Senthil

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  3. You could give a real example of how to set up, I am newbie in using "Sublime Text"!
    I have only one working folder in c: \ JavaApp \. Alli am making practice and need to use jDebug to see how they change the values of the variables.
    Thank You.

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  5. How do you determine the hostname and port in the commandline setting?

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  20. how can i determine the hostname and port for commandline?

    1. The hostname is where your application server like tomcat, jboss, weblogic or webshpere is running. The port is specify as debug port in the application server startup command

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  30. I believe I set it up all correctly, and I can see the program waiting for the me to take the next step or release the breakpoint, but I never get the 'arrow icon' on my breakpoint through sublime.
    If I tell JDebug to stop debugging the program continues happily. Can somebody help me out?

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  35. I'm trying to setup Jdebugger with Grails project. Jdebug says that jdb is attached, but Grails keeps waiting for more commands (a 'run' maybe?). Can you give any help for Grails setup? I've set following with no success:

    "workingdir": "Code/git/project/",
    "commandline": "jdb -connect com.sun.jdi.SocketAttach:hostname=localhost,port=5005 -launch",
    "sourcepath": "/target/work/",
    "debug": true

    1. Hi Niko

      My settings are below and using Windows OS. TestService is my project directory which has the 'src' directory. You need to specify the base working directory and source_path_prefix if you have any.

      "workingdir": "C:/Workspace/TestService",
      "source_path_prefix": "/src/",

      In simple workingdir + source_path_prefix should point to the path where you have the java file or base package name

      My Project Structure (Windows)

    2. Thanks for helping. I still cannot get it to work. If I start my Grails app with grails 'run-app --debug-fork', it waits for jdb to connect. When I connect jdb using 'jdb -attach 5005' or 'jdb -connect com.sun.jdi.SocketAttach:hostname=localhost,port=5005', the grails app continues and I can start using jdb aswell - All good! However, if I set those same commands to Jdebug commandline-config, the grails app keeps waiting for something. Jdebug continue-command in command menu is passive. In Jdebug console it says

      ## Attaching JDB... ##
      ## JDB Attached ##
      -> stop at

      Do you have any more ideas I could try to get it to work?

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